I finally made it to the Boxing Day sales today. Nice and early. My main goal was to get a 2018 wall calendar. For the last many years I’ve had a Doctor Who calendar no surprises there). In recent years they’ve produced some really nice comic art style calendars, and I was hoping to get one of these. No dice this year: all the Doctor Who calendars were boring Photoshop jobs. I ended up with a really nicely design Nightmare Before Christmas one instead.

Over the last year, the wall calendar has become particularly important for me, serving as a visual reminder for key dates (such as when we have late start days at school, when the kids are at their Mum’s for the weekend, etc). Without it I doubt I’d have much clue what was going on week to week. Yeah, sure I could use my phone, but it’s that at-a-glance thing that I really need going on. And something pretty to stick on the wall.

I had a few other things on my list, which I failed to get. But I did take the opportunity to pick up a few more classic Doctor Who DVDs while they’re on sale. I suspect, given the way the market’s going, that these DVDs won’t be on sale much longer so I’m slowly, casually, and cheaply picking up the ones I want while I still can. It may turn out that the ‘ones I want’ are all of them, but we’ll see.