Apr 16 – Apr 22

School holidays for the kinderbesten prompts me to consider whether I should take a holiday for myself. But obviously not at the same time …


It is Monday. I do not want to get up. I do not want to Monday.
It’s also the first day of the school holidays, which is a pain on the one hand, but makes a lot of things easier: no need to make lunches; no need to get the kids dressed and off to school on time.
Nevertheless, I start to consider taking a week off, partly to give me enough spare time to catch up with things, but also as a brief respite from the weekly routine. The release of almost the entire Monty Python back catalogue on Netflix only motivates me further.


I wake up, promptly turn my alarm off, and wake up again at 7am, following some odd dreams about Bunnings and home invaders. The morning writing goes slowly, as does the rest of the morning. The day, at least, is taken up with meetings which helps the time pass.
On the better side, I come home to find the kids relaxed and in the holiday spirit.


Yet another morning where the words struggle to come.
I end up having to leave work early to collect the Kinderbeast from a party. Along the way, I decide when I get back that we should all sit down and watch Paddington 2. I anticipate a fight to get the Elderbeast away from the Playstation, but almost the first words he says to me when I walk in are: “Can we watch Paddington 2?” Some sort of strange synchronicity.
I decide to banish the new rug I bought for my bedroom to the outside. It seems to have a particularly pungent smell to it, which I hope will pass after some fresh air and sunshine. Maybe even a downpour or two.
The best news of the day is that I’ve finally gotten ‘that book feeling’—the excitement that comes of looking forward to curling once again up with the book you’re reading. I’ve really missed that feeling.


After several tough writing mornings I decide to turn my alarm off and enjoy a glorious lie in. It doesn’t make me feel any more lively during the rest of the day, but it was good at the time.
Meanwhile, my new carpet is still stinky. It gets to stay outside.


For Fridate horror we watch 28 Days Later. It’s a great film but I am fascinated by the truly awful quality of the bluray transfer. I’ve watched plenty films in the past that have been digitised from VHS tape, and they have all looked better than this.
Apparently the movie was filmed on DV, which isn’t even high-definition. To make up for this, they appear to have used a generous amount of sharpening (or something) which has done nothing but result in a muddy image that almost swims across the screen at times. It’s truly the worst movie transfer I’ve ever seen.
The film, however, remains excellent.


A standard Saturday. The kinderbesten and I do our food shopping in the morning. I then spend part of the day moving furniture around (a slight rearrangement post-painting). After this I am rewarded with an unexpectedly peaceful evening when the Elderbeast is taken out to see some wrestling.


Games day at mine. Always a good time to eat, catch up with friends and, maybe, even, play some games.


Monday The Alienist 1×06
Tuesday The Alienist 1×07
Wednesday The Alienist 1×08
Thursday The Alienist 1×09
The Alienist 1×10
Friday 28 Days Later
Saturday Lost In Space 1×03
The Terror 1×01
The Terror 1×02
The Terror 1×03
Sunday Lost In Space 1×04
The Terror 1×04


I not only reached that point where I found myself looking forward to getting back into my book (still the novelisation of City Of Death), but I also finished it! Result! This is a momentous .. moment in my year.


Monday Lasagne
Tuesday Lasagne, part 2
Wednesday Baked sweet potato
Thursday Chicken tenders in breadcrumbs
Friday Daal
Saturday JFC chicken
Sunday Leftover chicken