Most weeks, when prepping these diaries, I jot down notes for each day and come back to them some days later and fill out the details. For some reason this week slipped under my radar during the last month and all I have now are the notes. I could, of course, fill out the details as best as I can remember, but I thought it would be more fun (i.e. easier) to post up the notes as they are and let you all use your imaginations…

(June 4 – June 10)

Counting down to the weekend. Another five day week.


Public Holiday. Rains incoming. Started watching Collateral, realising why I got out of the habit of Monday night TV (so many interruptions)


Overnight rain. Wake up loads. Morning tea. Die Hard / Jurassic Park book. New sim.


Up late, no writing. Early meeting. Elderbeast forgets his bag. Leave early. Cook burgers. Dishwasher and oven!


Decent writing shift. Rain all day. Leave early. Trousers (not heater). Feeling flat.


Feeling much better. Bonus kids weekend. Kinderbeast playing excellently with Seb. Final Destination.


Shopping, then list of task for Elderbeast. Setting up chicken coop. No Fortnite. Playing Destiny.


Lazy morning of writing, then Gateways. Shoes left in the rain. Boost juice. Present for Emma. No coffee canisters. Elderbeast tidies his room, hoovers, helps with the kitchen, does wall chart. Plays Fortnite. Slow cooked chicken. Spectral.


Monday Collateral 1×01
Tuesday Collateral 1×02
Wednesday Collateral 1×03
Thursday Collateral 1×04
Friday Final Destination
Saturday Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets
Sunday Spectral


More Endurance.


Monday Chicken soup
Tuesday Meat sauce
Wednesday Burgers
Thursday Beans
Friday Pasta & veg
Saturday Steak
Sunday Chicken