(April 6-12)

It’s been another reasonably good writing week. The words have come slowly, but I’ve reached that special, delightful point in the new chapter where the story has decided to find it’s own way, and is clearly having some fun. In other words, things aren’t quite going to plan and I love it.

I feel a bit like I’m on the home strait now, even though I still have three chapters to go (plus the rest of this chapter, a likely epilogue, and the infinite rewrites). I’ve been really looking forward to these last three chapters in particular, as I have some very clear ideas for them, which of course means they’ll end up being the hardest chapters to write.

One good thing

Since Pandemic Lyfe is much the same as it was last week, I’m going to revert to the One Good Thing section for this week—and this week’s One Good Thing is Clever Dick Films, a channel that YouTube randomly showed me last weekend, and which I’ve been devouring all this week. 

Clever Dick Films is a production of Richard D. Carrier who has put some enviable research, presentation and production skills to good use with a series of in-depth analyses of Doctor Who; one episode per Doctor. Because I can never seem to do things in order, I started with the 4th Doctor, worked my way up to the 9th Doctor (the latest available episode) and subsequently went back to the first three. I can comfortably say that each installment could sit alongside anything that’s been included on the official DVDs or Blu-rays, and offer a really well-considered overview of each Doctor’s tenure. Also, they seem to keep getting better and better, so I’m already looking forward to the next few instalments.

One bad thing

My one bad thing this week is more related to Pandemic Lyfe, and it’s a recognition that there really aren’t enough hours in the day to manage homeschooling, working from home, and the general household duties. I’m lucky that the Kinderbesten are reasonably self-sufficient, but it’s next to impossible to find enough hours to make lunches, do laundry, take some exercise, help out with assignments, and do a full day’s work.

Luckily I have Easter week completely off, and I’ll be going part-time for a few months after that which should help considerably.

On the flip side, I do recognise that having kids around constantly does somewhat stave off the inevitable loneliness that some people must be suffering during this period of enforced isolation.