(May 11 – 17)

Not much of an update this week. I’ve finished tinkering (i.e. editing) the first half of the horror chapter, and am now back into writing the rest of it. Happily, along the way I’ve also had a few handy flashes of inspiration that have helped add some fun twists and turns to the chapter.

Pandemic Lyfe

The kinderbesten have finally returned to school this week (the Elderbeast wanted to go, while the Kinderbeast was happy to continue homeschooling—however, kids are required to be back at school as of next week so he doesn’t really have a choice in the matter). 

This means I’ve had my first day or two in months of having the house completely to myself. It’s a slightly strange thing to reflect on: this pandemic means that people have been thrown into each other’s spaces on a much longer term basis than most would be used to. I’ve personally not found this a problem—I quite enjoy being holed up at home with my family–but now we have to shift back into part-time solitude. Ultimately, I’m also pretty comfortable with my own company, so I guess this week didn’t end up feeling quite as strange as it might have.