(May 25 – 31)

Hurrah! I finished the horror chapter! All in, it took six weeks to get this first draft down, but the story did what it needed to do, so it’s all good.I also dabbled with a short story idea this, although didn’t write much more than a few lines as I’m trying to save my creative juices for the novel. We’re now two chapters (and an epilogue) away from the end, my friends.

In another positive development, my new bedroom heater arrived this week (my bedroom being my main writing space btw). This one’s a smart heater which, among other things, means I can set a timer for it to come on in the mornings and warm up the room ready for me to get out. I also had the bright idea (lol, accidental pun!) of setting my bedside lamp ( which is also smart) to come on at 6am and wake me the fuck up. Why it took me this long to figure this one out I can’t imagine.

Thus far it’s all working splendidly. I can’t claim that my word counts are seeing a dramatic increase, but I am at least managing to get up just after 6am instead of loitering until 6:30 or beyond.

One good thing

The (other) big positive of my week this week was Friday, which shall henceforth be known as the Big Day Of Adulting. I had a number of relatively boring and/or tedious tasks to get done, which included:

  • Cancelling my overpriced car insurance renewal, and finding a better deal
  • Cancelling my overpriced web hosting renewal, finding a better deal and migrating my blog (and, of course, backing up all my websites first);
  • Food shopping;
  • Cleaning the house;
  • Making some roast tomato sauce with my excess of tomatoes

Long story short is that I, unbelievably, got it all done! In the process I saved a third on my car insurance (and then got a bonus 20% off my contents insurance too). Even more impressively, I got my web hosting down from $300 a year to $150 for three years. Pretty nice saving there.

Just once in a while it pays to Adult (oh, accidental pun again!).