(June 8 – 14)

It’s my very last week of working from home (I’m back in the office next week) which means it’s time to get used to the new normal again, which is essentially the old normal but with the added bonus of deadly plague lurking in the background.

Because this will increase the disruption to my morning routine, and because I’m finding myself increasingly keen to start editing the earlier chapters of my novel, I’ve decided to trial some additional evening writing sessions. These are purely for editing, because that’s the writing discipline my evening brain is best used for, and I’m aiming for roughly an hour (between 8 and 9pm).

So far they have gone very well, despite me spending an extensive segment of my first session trying to get the lighting ‘just right’ in my room. It turns out that the exact same lighting I have for my morning sessions is borderline unacceptable for the evening sessions which take place at exactly the same desk in exactly the same room. Despite swapping various lamps in and out, I’ve ended up sticking with the same lighting arrangement and it doesn’t seem to be negatively affecting my progress. In fact, I’m positively enjoying these little evening writing sessions.

I have also made a change to my morning routine: I’m leaving my phone untouched until I’ve finished my writing. So far, evading the distraction of emails and social media until I’ve gotten some words down seems to be working!