(Aug 31 – Sept 6)

I’ve taken a bit of an unscheduled break from the writing this week. Although I have, in fact, done at least some writing every day this week, it’s been with minimal motivation.

Having wrapped up the rewrite of my older story last week, I’m now at that all-too familiar limbo between projects. I have the novel to return to and the new short story to continue with, but I still don’t have a clear idea where either of those need to go, which makes it hard to move them forward.

I’ve also not been sleeping well, which never helps: when I lose sleep, my brain goes fuzzy, and the energy (and focus) to sit and write is the first thing out of the window. It’s an annual event for me: the seasons are shifting here, trapped between winter and spring, and my body just can’t seem to regulate its temperature during the dark hours. I go to sleep cold, I wake up warm, and the restlessness produces all manner of surreal dreams.