(November 23 – 29)

I’ve been very ugh enjoying revisiting the novel (I’ve been through the prologue and have almost finished chapter one now). Given that this is my second editing pass through it, I’m quite surprised at how much I’ve needed to rework. It’s almost entirely character stuff, but my two leads remain a little unpolished in these early stages. There are also moments where I’ve clearly enjoyed myself too much and thrown in lines and exchanges that don’t really belong and disrupt the flow of the narrative. As such there’s been some chopping as well as some changing.

The good news is that I’m enjoying this process enough that I’ve rebooted my evening writing shifts. Of late I’ve found myself either too tired or too uninspired in the evenings to tackle any writing, so I haven’t done any writing. This week however I simply felt like carrying on where I left off in the morning. Excellent.