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On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

A different actor, a different Bond, a completely different tone – it’s time to visit the esrtwhile black sheep of the Bond family: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

You Only Live Twice

It’s the fifth entry in our Licence To Watch viewing marathon and we’re already up to Sean Connery’s first last performance as Bond: You Only Live Twice.

The Ipcress File

As a brief interlude during our Licence To Watch marathon of every Bond film we checked out The Ipcress File; a film created, in part, to provide a counterpoint to the stylish and increasingly unrealistic Bond series.


It’s the fourth entry in the License To Watch review series and, not in the least bit coincidentally, time to review the fourth entry in the Bond cinema franchise. Can things really have slipped so quickly?


In a development that really shouldn’t surprise anyone, the third film in our Licence To Watch marathon is Goldfinger. A well recognised classic of the Bond canon it is held up as the template upon which many future entries were based. But is it really worthy of this revered status?

From Russia With Love

Our Licence To Watch project continues with From Russia With Love (also known as The One With The Train Fight).


In an arrangement that will surprise very few people, the first film on our Licence To Watch viewing schedule (a month by month review of every single James Bond film) is Dr.No

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