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Quick writing exercises

I noticed recently that my writing (at least in my first drafts) is getting a bit limited in terms of expressiveness, vocabulary, and so on. A quick google search for ‘writing exercises’ uncovered plenty of ideas for kickstarting the flow of creative juices and building good habits; but not so many that focused on improving the quality of your prose. So, I decided to come up with some of my own.

The Thing (a prequel)

In which I show myself up as a forlorn fanfic writing type by (re)publishing my prequel script to The Thing…

Nowt to 3k: The Result!

After not quite 3 hours of feverishly writing not quite 3000 words, last night’s sprint writing exercise was nonetheless a great success!

Nowt to 3k

or – let’s just write for the pure unsullied sake of writing and worry about the consequences later…

Beating the blank page

Here’s a quick tip that might help you if you have that age-old writer’s problem: fear of the blank page. It’s a very simple, practical way of making sure your encounters with the blank page are as brief and painless as possible.

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