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Schrödinger’s Author

Applying your own interpretation to a piece of art is perfectly valid
it’s entirely solipsistic
and will only ever tell you what you already think about the world.

The real value of art comes when you look at the range of interpretations.
That’s when you start to understand
how everyone else sees the world.


(Death Of The Author)

The problem with words …

The problem with Words is that Other People read them.

And Other People won’t always know what you meant when you used those Words.

So they’ll attach their Own Meanings to those Words.

Which is Fine.

Most of the time …

Except that Some Of The Time you end up spending So Much Time talking about whether you were Right to use those Words or Not that you Forget about Whatever it was that those Words were supposed to Mean in the first place.


This wordvomit was mostly inspired by this tweet and the discussion that came before, during and after it.


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