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There Is A Light cover“We’re locked in a building, trapped underground, surrounded by things that want to kill us … and you want to turn out the lights?!”

What can you do when the only thing more terrifying than being trapped in the dark is to be caught in the light?

After a covert project goes horrifically wrong, a group of survivors struggle to escape an office building before it becomes their tomb. In an environment where death waits behind every door, not all will make it out. As survival becomes less and less certain, the only way out is to face the greatest terror of all.


If you’re looking to add a dose of creeping dread to your Halloween reading list, ‘There is a Light That Never Goes Out’ is a short and tense read perfectly suited to an evening in the dark. It features passages of finely crafted suspense and encourages the reader to dread what lurks just out of sight. We suggest picking it up.

House of Geekery

A truly brilliant work of horror fiction.

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A great read. Really gave me the creeps over the 2 nights I read it. Language flows well, and it’s easy to sink into it enjoy the ride.

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This is a book that is good.

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