A quick update on how well I fared with the Morning Shift during August.

So I’ve just totted up the totals for my August writing log (and the blog post on that will follow this week) and it seems to me that a monthly writing update would be a far better idea than a weekly one, as previously threatened. Since I’ve already missed about three planned blog posts since the last one, it also means you’re far more likely to actually get an update.

Anyway, August was going well: you need only look at my last Morning Shift update to find out why and how. Typically, however, things start to go a bit awry at the end of the month: I could feel myself coming down with something during that last week, then my youngest decided he wanted to start getting up at about 6:30am instead of 7:30am. Neither of these factors helped make the mornings particularly productive. In the end I did come down with flu in the first week of September, but that can wait for next month’s update.

Nevertheless, August (and I’m cheekily included the end of July as well) was still a fantastically productive month for me: I wrote over 10,000 words and edited 6,400. Specifically:

  • Completed the first draft of a new short story, Needle, at the end of July
  • Wrapped up the final draft of another new(ish) short story, The Empty Room) in the first week of August – that’s the 6,404 words of editing
  • Wrote the complete first draft of a new short story, Drones, during the rest of the month. That came in at just under 6,000 words.
  • Wrote two blog posts

Now let’s see if I can come anywhere near that for September.