I really wasn’t going to write anything about Bowie. I figured there was nothing I could say that thousands of other people hadn’t already written or thought. Then I realised maybe that was the point. His passing, while terrifically sad, seems less about the grief and more about the joy that we were able to share him at all. There’s joy to be had from what he left behind, and that each of us got to have him in our lives. He was the consummate outsider. He was different to anyone who has ever been or ever will be. But we will always remember him for the way he reflected a small part of each of us back at ourselves.

Below is my experience of Bowie. Does it match yours?

I discovered Bowie
I loved him
We loved him together
We lost him together
But he let us keep his music
And we will always have our memories

David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes