I’m having an unusually productive writing month at the moment, and a typically unproductive lunchbreak, so why not share with you the current status of some of my short story writing projects?

In order of completeyness (totally a word) here the short stories that are currently keeping me off the streets:

  • 1-UP (a story about gaming and mortality) – have finished a second draft, about to incorporate some beta-reader feedback, wrap up a third draft and start sending it out;
  • Intersection (a story about artificial intelligence and corporate espionage) – third draft is done, but I’m not yet excited enough about the finished result. I’m awaiting some feedback, and I also have some ideas about how to fix the underlying issues with this one. A further draft, possibly substantial, will definitely be needed;
  • ‘Come out, come out, wherever you are’ (M.R.James inspired story about a game of hide and seek and dark family secrets) – the first draft of this one almost flew out. There’ll definitely be a second draft, at least, and some beta reading, but I don’t anticipate a great struggle with this one;
  • The slow bomb (a story, fittingly, that’s been in my head for quite some years now and only just found its way out) – almost done with the first draft, this one is possibly one of my most ambitious stories yet, and not only because I’m debating whether/how to tackle having my main character genderless or gender neutral
  • Graves (the old ‘classic’) – I’ve been slowly rewriting my previously published stories, not as any attempt at revisionism, but just to remove the rough edges and eventually publish them in a collection. I’m redoing Graves in my lunchbreaks mostly as a precursor to getting back into writing the novel version (which I was working on last year, but put on hold while I get some short stories out there)

So, yes, the novel is still lingering in the background there. I’m about halfway through the first draft. While I’d like to finish it this year I’m not sure there’s much point focusing on it until I have a bit more of a readership. Hence trying to write some decent short stories and hopefully get a few published. I’ve got a few out for consideration. I’ve also got a good three or four that may demand to be written in the next few months. We’ll see.

And, while you’re there, I’m always looking for beta readers. If you’re up for helping me iron out the rough spots in any of the above I’d love to hear from you 🙂