A poor choice to wear my t-shirt to bed last night (duped by an unexpectedly chilly evening) leads to a poor night’s sleep. The Kinderbeast, predictably, wakes me up before 6am. I have also resurrected my alarm. As always, a bumpy introduction to the day is alleviated by my morning shift: further work on the spooky carousel story, which is improving with each draft, though I have yet to reach the section that needs the most substantial gutting.

Some good news. My story “Til Death” has been held for ‘further consideration’ by Apex Magazine. It may go no further, but I can at least assure myself that I’ve finally written something worthy of ‘further consideration’.

Friday night is Fridate, which means we get to see Seb, who is everybody’s favourite person in the world. Unfortunately Rach has a headache, but Seb and I entertain ourselves by pulling apart and cleaning my work keyboard, talking about all matters ranging from drugs to gardening. We cap off the evening by watching The House That Dripped Blood, which is especially memorable to us for the sight of Jon Pertwee turning into a vampire.