It’s time … time to buy the Kinderbesten new shoes for the start of the new school year. We get to the shops at opening time. Even so, we still have to wait to be served, despite getting into the shoe shop almost as soon as the door opens. The Kinderbesten pick out shoes within minutes, which makes them about a million times better at shoe shopping than I will ever be. The assistant is also super helpful. All in all it’s a stupendously successful operation.

Rach and the Elderbeast head off to the cricket final in the afternoon. The Kinderbeast and I chill out for the rest of the day and watch some films (including The Secret Life Of Pets). Since my newly vegetarian wife is out for the evening, I’ve made the executive decision to have steak for dinner. I’m generally as happy with vegetarian food as I am with meat, but the steak turns out so well that I have to resist the urge to send my wife send photographic evidence for fear that it will cause her to revert to her carnivorous ways.

I pack the Kinderbeast off to bed and settle down to watch Predators, which I borrowed over the xmas break but haven’t had a chance to watch yet. I enjoy it a lot, but I see why it didn’t quite kick-start the franchise again, even if it did keep the flame burning. It’s easily the best Predator film since the original, but by hewing so close to the original it ends up doing little more than providing a very well crafted vignette.