I finish the new first draft of When The Darkness Comes (which is actually a fourth draft, but has enough new material now that I’ll consider it a first). I’m excited to read it and see how the bits affect the shape of the story. But first: to work.

The week seemed to be lasting forever, but suddenly it’s Friday! It’s a fairly low-key day, not least because another office plague has torn its way through the team. I’m feeling particularly lacking in energy and wonder if I’m to be the latest victim. Nevertheless, I survive the day.

We make the very wise decision to have takeaway pizza for dinner (the joys of a 50% off incentive) and then it’s time for Fridate. We finally catch up with Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer sketch from last week’s SNL and it’s every bit the classic that the internet has made it out to be. The evening is capped off with Tash Sultana’s astounding Like A Version from earlier in the day. I may have found a new favourite artist.

I desperately want to finish my week by wrapping up my reread of The Martian, but I’m only slightly over halfway through. And I am very, very tired. It’s not to be.