Predictably tired after last night’s fun and games I make the most of my all-too-brief Saturday lie-in. Eventually, however, I have to rise from my slumber we can take Beryl, our bonus Friday night babysitter, home.

After arriving at the in-laws house we conclude that we have not yet had breakfast, despite it being almost lunchtime, and that breakfast must be had. For reasons to vague to be committed to this page we decide to check out a local cafe that we used to frequent but have not visited for at least five years. The cafe is still there, but with a new name, new decor and seemingly under new ownership. It’s a bit like the conundrum of whether you’re still the same human being given that every cell in your body replaces itself over the course of seven years. Or maybe it’s a variant of Schrodinger’s Cat – the cafe that is still there but is also not there anymore.

Either way, they served up a fine eggs benedict.

We head to the shops because I need new jeans. I don’t recall if I wrote about it, but I was mortified to find I’d worn the wrong jeans to work one day: the jeans that have a hole in the knee, instead of my good jeans. I was even more mortified when I realised they were, in fact, the good jeans that had recently developed a hole in the knee.

We also go to Target, where the Kinderbeast spends some of his birthday money–wisely, imo–on a couple of LEGO sets. We are briefly tempted by a film called The Accountant, but decline to purchase. Then it’s off to Coles to acquire a quantity of vegetables to be roasted for our dinner.

For the evening we finally check out John Wick. It’s a film that I’ve seen mentioned often, always in a positive light, but know very little about. There used to be a day when I knew about very film that came out. This is not that day. But the film is great, and leaves me keen to check out the sequel.