Today is a Very Hot Day. Like, way too hot to do something stupid like invite a bunch of friends round to watch a movie. We’ve been meaning to have an Awesome Film Night (where a bunch of us get together to watch an awesome movie) for a while, and apparently have even scheduled the date for it: today. However, since our entire social collective has lost the ability to plan anything since 2016 happened we’re not even sure whether we’re doing it or not. Spoiler: we are.

The chosen film is Airplane! (or Flying High for the heathens among you). We realise, with much internalised–and externalised–disgust, that we don’t own a copy on Blu-ray. It’s off to the shops! We find Airplane, filed under F, and also see that Arrival is out. Mostly as an excuse to go and buy other things we decide to check out Big W in case it’s cheaper there. They don’t have it. So we go to Target, where they still don’t have it. $110 later we’re too tired to hunt elsewhere and leave the shops without Arrival.


But we have Airplane. And it is indeed awesome.

But we defnitely won’t talk about the saga of the Awesome Film Night guest who ran out of petrol on the freeway and had to walk to the petrol station in her pajamas…