Turns out I haven’t done a regular monthly writing update since last March. So here’s one for last month

Pretty happy with January overall. I missed a few days, generally due to oversleeping, but got plenty of writing done, achieved a pretty good average, and had some interesting fresh ideas to work with.

The stats

Number of writing sessions: 15
Number of editing sessions: 8
Days missed: 8
Words written: 10,885
Words edited: 8,197
Average words written (per session): 726
Average words edited: 1,025

The stories

  • “In the dark. In the night.” – short little horror story (obviously) that I started at the end of December. Very happy with how it turned out. Have so far submitted it to one magazine (and had it rejected).
  • “Where it stops…” – this is the (somewhat epic) creepy fairground story that I’ve been working on for a while. It still needs some work (and some beta reading) but it’s at a point now where I can let it sit and ferment for a bit.
  • “The Wires” – I had a great idea for a science fiction story around the middle of the month and started sketching it out almost immediately. It’s not even near first draft status yet, but I’m pretty excited about where this one could go.
  • “The Bargain” – a slightly random idea for a psychological horror story that came to me late in the month.

Out to market

The Beginnening is still on the tor.com slush pile – happy for it to stay there for now. A more recent story,  ‘Til Death, made it to the second read pile over at Apex, but then got sent back. I should probably aim to have more stories out to market as a rule ..