Kid’s birthday parties. There is no purer form of hell on this earth. Today the Kinderbeast has failed us once again by getting himself invited to yet another birthday party.

On the upside it’s in a park just down the road from us, and the morning weather is perfect for chilling in the park for an hour or two. After having to determine which of the three parties happening in the park is the correct one, we settle down and let the kids do their thing. We’re pleased to discover that a cafe has been added to the park since the last time we were there, so we stock up on coffee and croissants. Meanwhile the Kinderbeast somehow manages to win himself two party prizes.

I randomly decide that we should adjourn to the shops afterwards and hunt down a copy of Just Dance: the Elderbeast stumbled across a demo of it some months back and seemed to really enjoy it–I figure it’s a good way to get him some free exercise and get him playing something a bit different for a change.

The quest proves surprisingly complex. There are four shops that sell games in our local shopping centre. There are several different editions of the game (one for each of the last few years). Many of those editions are available across multiple platforms. Most of the available options were, well, more than we were willing to pay. In the end we find a cheap copy of Just Dance 2014 for the Wii U, which has a much funner selection of songs than the later editions anyway.

And, guess what? We also picked up Arrival.

The kids have a blast trying out their dance moves after dinner, and I have a blast watching them (I do NOT dance). It’s money well spent.

Afterwards, because we like to keep the universe guessing, we do not watch Arrival. Instead we watch Doctor Strange, which we have failed to catch up with so far. It’s a good choice.