The school week end with Dress Like A Pirate day, and both of the kinderbesten look fantastic. As I have to get to a meeting for 9am, I commission the Elderbeast to do the big brother thing (as opposed to the Big Brother thing) and take charge of getting the Kinderbeast to his class.

I have many meetings at work, alleviated briefly by a colleague bringing in a quantity of Krispy Kremes, but it’s overall a good day. I am hyped that I’ve managed the full five days, and I am also–against all expectations–deliriously excited about my second childfree weekend.

I get home and see Rachel’s car is missing from the drive. I briefly wonder if she’s already taken the kids before I’ve had a chance to say goodbye, but of course she’s merely popped down to the shops. In the end it takes a remarkably long time for everyone to get packed up and out of the house.

I’m planning an early morning trip to IKEA tomorrow, so I head straight to Coles to do my week’s shopping. On a Friday night! Because I can! Without the fussy kinderbesten to feed I’m free to have something a bit special for dinner, so I grab some salmon steaks. I accompany them with a glass of red wine. Also because I can!

Then Seb arrives for Fridate and the weekend is officially started. He helps me move the sofas around in the front room, because I feel like a change. We try at least 16 different arrangements, mostly adjusting the angle of the sofas by a few degrees here and there, until we finally stumble across an arrangement that works–and it really works.

Our hard work for the night concluded, we settle down for our Friday night horror movie. This week: The Howling.