I have a terrible night’s sleep. The Elderbeast managed to install himself in my bed the previous evening, and go to sleep, before I could do anything about it. Usually he’s a relatively benign presence, but this time he tosses and turns all night. I take ages to get to sleep, probably still consumed by residual stress from the day.

I eventually manage to get to sleep, but then wake up to the sound of the Kinderbeast crying for me at 2am. I go in and he tells me he can’t sleep. I calm him down, tuck him in again, and then get myself back to bed. Minutes later, he’s crying for me again: he wants his music on to help him sleep. I stick on Moana and return to bed. I get my head down and am summoned yet again. This time he wants me to get a cuddly toy for him. He gets his cuddly toy, but I’m getting cold now and somewhat less amused. I get back to bed, trying to wrap the covers tight enough around me to get warm again and get back to sleep; but inevitably with one ear listening out for the Kinderbeast.

Naturally, I don’t get up in the morning to write. However, in the last few days I have managed to come up with ideas for two new stories. This comes as something of a relief given I’ve not had any fresh story ideas since the breakup of my marriage. Sure, I have plenty of material to be working on for now, but the idea of inspiration failing me long-term was definitely never part of my plan.

After the events of yesterday I need to write an incident report, but I do the right thing upon getting to work and head straight for my coffee without even switching on the PC. After that, I get the report done, but I spend all morning in a haze of angst: I’m overtired; I’m probably still stressed from yesterday; and I’m apprehensive about heading to the Family Court to file my papers. I’m nervous about whether I’ll take a wrong turn again, or if there’ll be parking, or if I’ll get turned away for forgetting one critical document. I head out for a second coffee during the morning, because why the hell not, and then it’s time to drive into the city.

I do not get lost, and there’s a parking spot waiting for me right at the entrance to the car park. I take it as a good sign. I end up waiting about 30 minutes in the Family Court, but they sort all the papers, stamp them, charge me the filing fee, and it’s done.

It feels good to get this one big step out of the way.