It’s Friday, which brings the last day at work for one member of our team. I stop off for a farewell card and some cake, then get to work and discover our departing colleague has already brought in Top Dup Donuts for us all! Later, we enjoy a farewell lunch of champagne and pizza. The afternoon is marred somewhat by the discovery of a fairly prominent bug on our website, but we can little more than deploy some damage control.

I head home for another childfree weekend. I don’t want to have to rush down to the supermarket (and do my week’s shopping) but I haven’t planned far enough ahead to anything lined up for dinner. I perform a desperate hunt through the freezer and come out with some lentil burgers. A bit of melted cheese on top, and some sauteed carrots and red cabbage on the side, and I’m all set.

I do my hoovering and tidying up and, somehow, am only just sitting down to eat when Seb arrives for Fridate; the glorious, official start to the weekend. Our viewing for this evening is The Hitcher, deferred from last night. I haven’t watched it for years, but as we settle I remember that it’s a film I used to watch over and over and over again. There are bits that I’ve forgotten, but every beat is familiar. The best part is the film is still every bit as good as I always thought it was, possibly even better now that I can watch it with fresh eyes again. Rutger Hauer gets hardly any lines, but dominates the film. This is potentially the first time that I’ve watched his performance and realised that he’s playing John Ryder as much of a victim as everyone else in the film. I enjoy it so much, I’m almost ready to watch it again right away.

Afterwards I read about the sequel, and the more recent remake. I decide I will not be watching either of them.