I have a terrible night’s sleep, which makes Fucken Monday even more … fucken. I’m too hot all night and have all sorts of dreams. At one point I dream that I can hear noises in the house, people moving around. It creeps me out so much that I wake up, wrap a blanket around myself, go to my bedroom door and start shouting “Who’s there??” … at which point I actually wake up and find that I am still safely tucked up in bed.

I wake up late for my morning shift, but still have time to start a second draft of my ‘lighthouse’ story. I wrote the first draft back in March or so, read through it last week, and got excited by it all over again–which is always a good way to be about a story.

I head to work remembering that we have that nasty little bug to sort out on the site, but then find out that I’ve been booked into a two-hour meeting first thing. This does not help. Over the rest of the day we spend a frustrating few hours trying to diagnose the problem, and make preparations to fix it. In the end, after about six hours’ of not really getting anywhere, I track down a suspect line of javascript. Sure enough, that’s the culprit. One tiny change and the problem is fixed.

I hate websites sometimes.

The other downside is that I’d planned to head to Thingz in my lunchbreak to take advantage of their ridiculous end of winter sale (cushions! rugs! blankets!) but there just isn’t time. I head home and play some board games with the kinderbesten. After they go to bed I start watching The Night Manager, which is incredibly good – but also so nerve-wracking in that classic, quiet, British way that I briefly question whether I can cope with it. In the end I’m gunning for a second episode, but find that time has run away from me again.