The Kinderbeast comes into my room during the night telling me he can’t sleep. I think it’s almost morning and tell him to get into my bed. He does and promptly falls back to sleep, as do I. Then he wakes up again, this time needing the toilet. I check my clock and it’s only 4am. Regardless, I wake up feeling surprisingly refreshed and plough through a second draft of my flash fiction piece.

We get stranded in the car outside the school: the rain has started hammering down in the short drive from our house. We wait for it to stop, but it only gets heavier. I see plenty of parents dropping their kids at the gates and ejecting them from the car, leaving them to take their chances against the elements. Finally it stops and we get out. I walk the Kinderbeast to his class and find at least two of his classmates dripping from their encounter with the rain.

After that I get the exact same routine when I get to work.

Later on I tell the Elderbeast he won’t be staying up tonight to watch The Bachelor, on the basis that it’s a school night and The Bachelor doesn’t exactly provide the best example for him. This triggers an extended rant focusing largely on school, and I realise we’re already back in the same boat we only just got out of.

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride …