Tuesday. I get up earlier than usual for my morning shift. I feel better for it and get more writing done (duh!). There’s no PEAC for the Elderbeast today (his classes will be moving to Tuesdays after this week), which gives me an hour of my morning back. The rest of the day proves surprisingly productive. I read an article about allowing time for reflection in your day, and realise this is exactly what these diaries are all about.

I get an email confirming that the settlement is due to be finalised tomorrow. After all the paperwork adventures, this is finally what it’s all about. Rachel will get a tidy sum of cash; I will get the house (and mortgage) in my sole name; and our finances will be legally separated.

I then get another email from Pocketbook telling me I’ve overspent this month. This shouldn’t be huge surprise: I managed to spend $30 on eBay before evening leaving the house today (in my defence, $25 of that was on a desperately needed replacement cutlery rack for my dishwasher). I log into Pocketbook and snoop around for a while. Eventually I see that the overspend is entirely due to non-essential purchases, which makes me feel good about the general stability of my financial situation, but slightly less good about my impulse purchasing. Either way, I’m enjoying being in full control of my finances.

Dinner is an awesome shepherd’s pie, prepared by myself and the Elderbeast the night before, using Sunday’s left over slow-cooked lamb. I only mention it because it was, truly, awesome.