Today is possibly the only day of my holiday that I have in which to properly relax. By that I mean I get to drop the Kinderbesten at school, then I get about six hours in which I have expressly decided not to mow the lawn or tidy anything up or visit financial advisers.

Properly relaxing brings its own set of dilemmas. I’m the sort of person who still likes to get some vaguely useful things done with the rare gift of free solo time, so I have scheduled in some writing. I also want to have some quality time on the sofa in front of the TV. But, do I attempt to binge-watch a TV series? Or do I watch a film? Or two films? Should I watch something I’ve never watched before? Or revisit an old favourite? If I want to watch a film I need to watch it at the right time so I can have time afterwards to do some writing. Or, do I watch a film after lunch? In which case I need to time it so I can see the end before the Kinderbesten come home and ruin everything. Should I also get a laundry load in the washer? Can I properly relax in the front room if I haven’t tidied the toys away from the TV cabinet? Then I should probably wipe it down too and do the job properly. Maybe vacuum the carpet as well. Oh, and I’ll need to grab a shower before it’s too late. Oh, maybe I should do some reading. I hardly ever get time to read during the day. But if I read, will I have time for writing? And for watching a film?

Wait a minute: where did all that free time go …?