Since Monday brings nothing of either mortal or spiritual worth, I’m stealing this diary entry for weekend thoughts.

While setting up my new LED lighting strip over the weekend I did find myself wondering: why the hell am I buying all these dumb gadgets? They cost money (albeit not much) and I don’t need them … so why do it? The answer is, of course: because I like buying them.

The slightly less simplistic answer is that these things add to my quality of life, and investing a bit of disposable income into my quality of life is a pretty sensible investment if you ask me. We are surrounded by stress and pressure on all sides, and carving out a few small pleasures here and there is one way of dealing with that. For me, something as trivial as being able to control the lighting in my home means I get to completely relax and unwind when I sit down at the end of the way. In turn, this means I’m that little bit less stressed with Kinderbesten, and I’m that bit more refreshed when I go to work the next day, which means I can focus on my job that bit more, which means job satisfaction, which means less stress … and you see how it goes.

So, yeah – these $30 bluetooth bulbs are making my life PERFECT!