I’ve reached a point of unexcitement – which won’t surprise anyone who’s kept up with this blog over the last few weeks. Nothing is bad or wrong, but neither is anything terribly exciting at the moment. My #childfree weekends have plateaued into banal spare time; the various TV shows that I was enjoying have entered a mid-season. No Man’s Land. Meanwhile, I’ve probably bought all the Bluetooth light bulbs I could possibly need.

Life is good but, as I wrote a while back, it has slipped into routine. I have every faith that things will turn around: I always find the Christmas break to bring a useful energy and sense of renewal. If nothing else, I imagine the end of the year will be heartily celebrated.

I’m also lucky in that I don’t demand much out of life. Just a few simple pleasures here and there: a good meal now and then; a nice glass of wine; an inspiring movie or novel. Yes, very first world, but here I am.

Give me time. Things will come good again 🙂