Today heralds another #childfree weekend and, with it, my usual determination to maximise my ‘doing nothing’ time as much as possible. This weekend’s strategy started with me getting my food shopping done on the way home from work last night, as is becoming the #childfree weekend tradition. This, in turn, freed me up to plough straight into my other shopping first thing on Saturday morning–and, after finding out that the local mall was opening at 7am each Saturday until Christmas, first thing really was first thing.

Now, I’m not actually insane, so I didn’t get down there for 7am, but I did get down there closer to 8am than most rational people would choose to on a Saturday morning. Naturally most of the smaller shops were closed, but the places I needed to shop at–and, most critically, get coffee from–were all open.

My main task for the morning was to get presents for my team at work. Over the last few years, I’ve gotten in the habit of putting together little gift bags for everyone (mini-stockings, if you will). I already had plenty of chocolates to go in, but I needed some fun trinkets. After a bit of hunting around I found some suitable items, along with the gift bags themselves. I also happened to find that Big W was selling all Blu-rays half price for the weekend, so I picked up a few recent release that were on my wish list: Baby Driver (which I was really excited to see until the Kevin Spacey stuff happened); Wonder Woman; and War For The Planet Of The Apes.

After that, I made it home for a little after 10am for breakfast and a day of chilling out in front of the TV. Awesome!