Most Christmases end up with me buying presents at almost the last minute and paying little attention to how much it all costs me. Not this year!

This year, partly through necessity, and partly through the magic of #childfree weekends, I’ve been far more on the ball. I sorted out presents for the Kinderbesten back in November, maybe even earlier. After some crises of indecision, I’ve managed to choose and purchase presents for my friends. Over the last week, as you’ll have read, I organised presents for the rest of the family too. I don’t want to even think about how much it all cost, but I’m pretty happy with what everyone’s getting and I’m really happy that there will be no panicked, last-minute Christmas Eve shopping trips.

However, there is a flip side. I’m suffering from present fatigue, which is likely more a symptom of taking a leisurely approach to buying presents this year, than due to the number of presents purchased. It seems that each time I allowed myself a minor celebration at having successfully bought a bunch of presents, I would remember a whole other bunch of people that I needed to buy presents for. It sometimes feels like the last two months have been an endless procession of gift purchases. Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy with everything I’ve bought, and I’m happy that I’m in the financial position this year where I can buy everyone presents without worrying too much about the cost. It’s just felt a bit like a marathon.

Next year (I kid myself) I might try that idea of buying one or two presents each month and spreading the load over the year. I gift even wrap the presents up as I get them, so everyone gets a mystery gift for Christmas 2018. Because I sure as hell won’t remember what’s in there …