I’m not typically big on the Christmas decorations. I usually leave it until it’s as close to Christmas Eve as it can be, then begrudgingly get the tree out of the shed and throw some baubles on it.

Not this year.

This year I decided that the weekend just after the Kinderbesten broke up from school would be our scheduled slot for tinselling up the house and I was almost … excited? … about it too. I’ve got quite the stack of decorations, randomly gathered over the years, which meant virtually no expense or prep was required. I did, however, buy several more meters of tinsel (because I love tinsel) along with some cheap paper chains and bunting for the Kinderbesten to make.

So, the tree went up. The lights went on. The Kinderbeast helped me (sort of) put baubles on it in a suitably chaotic fashion. But there was something missing: I’d seen some kitty unicorn decorations in the shops earlier and had forgotten to pick them up. Despite my misgivings about shopping on a Saturday afternoon in the lead-up to Christmas, I had to have those unikitties, so we returned to the mall. I had a small heart attack when the decorations were no longer where I’d seen them in the shop earlier, but it turned out they’d just been moved. I did also succumb to the lure of another string of fairy lights (20m tho!), and some more (half price) tinsel, and some hooks to keep the fairly lights up.

I got home and duly stuck up the fairy lights, which were more than long enough to string around the entire room–and it looked awesome! I then cut the tinsel into strips and used it to decorate all the posters that I’ve put up on the walls this year. As a finishing touch, the kids managed to make some progress on their paper decorations.

Yep – it’s starting to look a lot like Nakatomi Plaza around here!