The last day of work: the official start of the Christmas break. It’s the moment we’ve spent the entire year waiting for!

As has become tradition, we were allowed to leave work shortly after midday. For once, I had no need to rush to the shops for last minute shopping, so I was able to just saunter home and enjoy the start of a #childfree weekend right before Christmas itself hits.

For Fridate Night Horror we watched Krampus, which has been on my radar for some time now and, to be honest, I can’t believe I waited so long to watch–it was great! But at least I got to enjoy it in an appropriately seasonal setting.

As the Elderbeast has asked to attend the traditional Christmas Eve viewing of Die Hard, we also wrapped all the presents tonight. Not quite the sprawling mass of giftage from previous years, but the task still took the best part of two hours to, er, wrap up.

A very fine start to the weekend.