(Mar 5 – Mar 11)

A week in which I think about maybe getting some things done.


It’s a public holiday, but because my place of work stays open today I get to go into the office. Yay. On the upside, the roads are awesomely empty. On the not-upside, it is hot as a damn oven outside, which helps make the day drag twice as slowly.
The good news of the day is that I finally finish the book (All The Birds In The Sky) that I started reading last year. I’m now keen to pick another book that will hopefully help to carry me out of this ridiculous reading slump.


It’s the morning of my eye test. I had some aches and blurred vision in my left eye last week. This, combined with the realisation that I am likely mere months away from needing reading glasses, made an eye test seem like a sensible course of action.

In the end, my eyes are fine, and my vision is almost fine too. The optometrist says that reading glasses may help, but are by no means required.


Since I need to drive the Elderbeast to PEAC at midday, there’s title point heading to work. That’s my excuse, anyway. I’ve packed my keyboard and iPad, so I find a cafe, grab some toast, eggs and coffee and catch up on some writing. It’s an awesome way to start the day and I consider doing it more often.


I think the painting (of my open plan craft room, sitting room and kitchen) might actually happen. My colour scheme has gotten the all round thumbs up, and the in-laws are keen to help out. I’m trying not to think about how daunting the whole task is and instead break it down into small stages. Tonight is working out how much pain I need, and how much it might all cost.

I measure up, make myself a today little spreadsheet, and eventually come up with $320 for the paint. I look at the cost of rollers, tarps, and all the other paraphernalia I need and reckon I can get it all done for $500 or less.
The remaining question is how long it’s all going to take…


I am calling today the Day Of The Elderbeast.

It starts with an email from his STEM teacher, telling me that he is now a week late handing in an assignment, for which they were given two extra lessons to complete, and is in danger of failing the unit. We go and see his teacher before school an arrange a short extension.

Having arrived at school, the Elderbeast realises he’s left his new badges at home—there are the new badges he was given yesterday which denote him as a faction vice caption and a library assistant. We have a robust discussion about whose responsibility it actually is to remember the badges, and I tell him I don’t have time to go back home before work to get them.

He sees me on the way out of the school rounds, hugs me and apologises. I go back home before heading to work to get his badges for him.

Later that morning I get a call from the school office. The Elderbeast has an excursion today, but they haven’t had his permission slip. I’ve signed it, and given it to the Elderbeast to hand in (luckily I paid for the excursion online), but it has sat in his bag despite my constant reminders to hand it in, and his constant insistence that he has done so. I give my permission verbally and he’s good to go.

Later that evening I have to do battle with the Elderbeast to get him to do his homework, which I intend to make him hand in tomorrow. The effort is exhausting, but he eventually sits down, takes his time over the work, and seems to genuinely enjoy getting stuck in.

In better news, my super secret podcast project takes another mighty leap forward.


I wake up still mentally exhausted. I have dreams that put me in some sort of London-based version of It, which are thrilling, but also terrifying. I also have other dreams about getting lost in London suburbs and trying to catch overcrowded trains, which are merely exhausting. I start the day at least 95% ‘don’t wanna’. I end it in a much better place.


We start the weekend with gardening. I’m determined to get rid of the weeds that are infesting the east side of the property. I drag the Kinderbesten outside with me, before it gets too hot, with gloves and garden bags and we get to to work. As usual it takes almost as much effort to keep the Elderbeast involved, but we make a fair stab at it and fill up three garden bags.

After we pop to Coles for reward waffles and flavoured milk. Then the Elderbeast has to knuckle down to some more homework. Which he does. While we still have our minor battles, his attitude to getting work done is light years ahead of where he was last year.

A friend joins us for dinner, which is provided by Uber Eats. This is at the Elderbeast’s request: he’s had a craving to eat out (“at a fine restaurant”) since last week, but the alternative idea of having restaurant food delivered has proved acceptable. That said, his original wish was for us to go to the the restaurant, buy the food, and come back home again, but that idea got knocked back because I am clearly not as insane as he is.

I’ve gotta say, it’s kinda nice getting good food delivered and not having to cook it. But, it’s not something I’m going to be doing every week. The rest of the evening’s entertainment is provided by Kong: Skull Island, which is exactly what I expected it to be and provides much enjoyment.


I wake up with a headache, but there is gardening to do so we head outside once I’m up. My friend, who we’ve jokingly said is there to supervise, ploughs right in and clears an entire section of weeds, comfortably putting the rest of our efforts to shame. We fill four bags this time.

Then, in a severe case of déjà vu, we head back inside so the Elderbeast can do homework. While his focus dips at times, he keeps going until the work is done. I’m, once again, impressed that he seems more intent on getting the job done that finding ways out of it, or rushing through so he can get to the PS4.

I set out to watch another hidden gem, or timey-wimey thriller (as is the Sunday tradition) but then remember that I added A Knight’s Tale to my watch list thinking that the Elderbeast would enjoy it. For reasons known only to him, he immediately latches onto this and will not be swayed by any other choice, so we put it on. I don’t mind at all: it’s not a film I’ve watched nearly as much as it deserves, but I remember it being tremendous fun.

The Elderbeast agrees. The jousting scenes have him standing up, alternately pumping the air and wringing his hands with the tension. The humour mostly lands, and he’s old enough now to get the musical gags. The two female characters (despite the criminal lack of lines given to Laura Fraser) are given a fair bit of agency in the movie, which makes for a good example. Overall, it’s a great experience watching it with him. Afterwards he declares that it’s the best film he’s seen in a long time.

Things I Did Buy

  • $100 Wooden Wishing Well – saw this and decided instantly that I needed it for my garden, even though it has zero practical use.
  • $39 water flosser – because you can’t put a price on dental hygiene.
  • $20 spare Yeelight smart bulb – because … they’re cool?


Monday Westworld 1×01
Tuesday Westworld 1×02
Wednesday Westworld 1×03
Thursday Westworld 1×04
Friday Happy Death Day
Saturday Kong Skull Island
Sunday A Knight’s Tale


Finished All The Birds In The Sky – yay! Started The Anachronist.


Monday Fishfingers & beans
Tuesday Slow-cooked asian chicken
Wednesday Sweet potato korma
Thursday Chips, eggs, beans
Friday Mushrooms, pasta, broccoli
Saturday Uber Eats: Carbonara
Sunday Slow cooker roast chicken