(Jun 25 – Jul 1)

It’s midway through the year, and typically at this point I’d reflect on how the year has gone, what I’ve learned, where I am, why that drifter I’ve shut in the cupboard is still making gurgling noises, and so on. But, it’s been a fairly steady year so far. There have been some down weeks, but no terrible ones. Most of the time life has been pretty good. For now I’m content for things to just carry on as they have been, which is why this week’s diary is about a week just like any other.


It’s my TV night, but I can’t decide what to watch. I have many, many TV shows that I need to catch up on, but I can’t convince myself to start any of them. It comes down to a choice between A David Bowie doco on Netflix, or a rewatch of The Trip (since I enjoyed The Trip To Italy so much over the weekend).

I eventually settle for the Bowie doc, but it turns out to be pretty ordinary so I abandon it after 10 minutes and decide to watch The Trip instead. I endure frequent interruptions from the Kinderbesten, which are numbed somewhat by the particularly large glass of wine in my company (I had to finish off the bottle, you see). I finish the wine, but don’t end up finishing the movie.


I spend much time bidding on vintage ports on my New Favourite Auction website. I try out for one dated 1939, without much optimism, and also bid on a 1982 ‘vintage’. The idea of something from 1982 being vintage still tickles me, because 1982 definitely can’t be more than a few years ago. Right …?

My work done, and my fingers crossed, I retreat to bed to watch the rest of The Trip.


There is much rain today. So much rain. So very much. A real writer might even be inspired to write some words about the downpour.

In other news, with the end of term 2 approaching, the school reports arrive for the Kinderbesten. They’re much as I expect them to be. The Elderbeast doing competently, but not putting as much effort in as he should. The Kinderbeast doing well, but not listening as well as he should be. Much like at home, really.


Tonight we had pie for dinner. It was a good night.


For the second Friday in a row I don’t open a bottle of wine. This is mostly because I’m out tomorrow night, and don’t want a fresh bottle of wine going to waste. But also because I didn’t actually mind not having wine last Friday, and I didn’t mind even more not waking up with a headache (only an occupational hazard, but still one worth avoiding). This is in danger of becoming a habit.


As I’m heading out tonight, I decide to have a Day Of Doing Nothing (once I’ve gotten the food shopping out of the way). It’s a most excellent choice. I spend my time drinking coffee, eating waffles, watching a particularly long classic Doctor Who, and then head out.


To make up for my previous Day Of Doing Nothing, today is a Day of Busy. One of the jobs hanging over me is reframing a few posters. While I’ve not felt the urge to put up any pictures on my recently painted walls, I do have some posters that either need to be put into frames, or need to be put into new frames. I work on three of them, and decide that’s enough for one day. I then get dinner in the slow cooker and do some baking ready for a colleague’s morning tea tomorrow.

Once that’s all done I finally decide I’ve earned some rest and settle on the sofa to watch Death Proof before the Kinderbesten return. It’s the final Tarantino movie I have left to watch in order to complete the set. It’s definitely not my favourite—it’s long-winded and takes too much time to get to the point (which seems to be a persistent Tarantino hallmark now) but it’s worth it for the last 15 minutes.

For the evening I get back into watching my ‘Netflix hidden gems’ (of which I will blog about shortly) and check out Orbiter 9. It’s not the movie I expected, but it’s a mostly rewarding watch.


Monday The Trip
Tuesday n/a
Wednesday n/a
Thursday n/a
Friday Hellbound: Hellraiser II
Saturday Doctor Who: Inferno
Sunday Death Proof
Orbiter 9


A week or so ago I, a little indulgently, took advantage of a Comixology sale (as I often do) and bought a shedload of Buffy comics, including all of season 8 and 9. I read season 8 when it first came out, but revisiting it again this week has been a delight. I know the story goes a bit off the rails eventually, but I love how the wit and characterisation was captured perfectly in this first continuation of the series.


Monday Freezer chicken & veg
Tuesday Cauliflower curry
Wednesday Lasagne
Thursday Pie and potatoes
Friday daal
Saturday Pizza
Sunday Roast Chicken