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Something Blue

It took me a while to figure out what I was going to write about for the fourth themed 52 Blogs topic, but I got there in the end.

Something Borrowed

It’s week 29 and time for the third in a themed series of 52 Blogs topics. This week I’m taking the topic of ‘Something Borrowed’ very literally.

Something New

For the second in our themed series of 52 Blogs posts the topic is ‘Something New’.

Something Old

As we get into the second half of 52 Blogs we’ve got a quartet of themed topics, starting with Something Old.

52 Blogs so far

In which I reflect on my 52 Blogs efforts so far, and try and come up with convincing excuses for being so generally slack with it all lately.


The 52 Blogs project rolls ever onwards. This week’s topic is all about art. What is art?


The topic for week twenty four of 52 Blogs is cats, so I’ve written about some of the cats I’ve owned (and some of the cats I still own).


For week twenty three of 52 Blogs we’re writing about spoons. Yes: spoons.


I have nothing to write about – nothing that can be adequately covered in 140 words, at least (you know how I like to go on). I was going to write 140 words about nothing and then remembered that a school friend of mine once delivered a great speech about nothing. That was his exact topic: ‘nothing’.

It was not only hilarious but put nothing in a brand new light: nothing was no longer nothing; it was actually something. We use nothing every day without even realising it. Go on, see how many times you say nothing, or use the word ‘nothing’, and it actually means something.

This friend of mine went on to be a successful stand-up comedian which, in retrospect, didn’t surprise me one bit. I guess he could move into philosophy too, if the jokes dry up.


I’ve decided to use a photo to sum up most of my thoughts about Winter.


It’s a time of darkness and light: the days grow darker more quickly, but the Winter light has a particular sharpness to it, something that makes bright Winter mornings especially beautiful. It’s a time of passing and renewal: the life of one season moves on to make way for that of the next season. It’s a time of coldness, but one where you take extra comfort from the warmth.

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