It’s week 29 and time for the third in a themed series of 52 Blogs topics. This week I’m taking the topic of ‘Something Borrowed’ very literally.


Here are the first two volumes of Locke & Key. They were lent to me by my friend Andy. Often when people lend you something, or tell you that you should read/see/do something it’s because they thought it was awesome and naturally expect you to find the same. I don’t think that’s arrogance or conceit; I think it’s a genuine desire to share something with friends that has brought you happiness and, therefore, to make your friends happy.

That said, I think Andy is smart enough to have recommended Locke & Key because he knew that I would also find it awesome. Which I did.

Which means the rest of you should totally go out and read it.

BTW – Andy, I’ve still got your books …