I wake up still headache afflicted. I get up and do my writing anyway. A 10am meeting in the city affords me a relatively leisurely start to the day. I do worry whether I’ll be able to make good on my promise to take the Kinderbesten swimming in the afternoon. I dislike swimming. I dislike public swimming baths. I dislike the very in-British heat we’re currently enduring. It’s confusing to be worried that won’t be able to do things I typically don’t want to do.

Ultimately the headache passes. We go swimming. Much fun is had by all. The Elderbeast expresses his amazement that even I have admitted to having fun. He knows me too well.

Finally we reach The Reichenbach Fall in our Sherlock schedule. Still a tremendous episode. I’m struck how, like Bela Lugosi with Dracula, we ultimately see very little of Andrew Scott as Moriarty, and yet his presence and performance dominates the show. The Elderbeast is appropriately baffled. A body double is his leading theory.