The day starts in the way one always hopes, with a near-collision into the rear-end of a transporter truck. I’m heading into a right filter lane, behind the truck. The truck enters the lane and then … stops. Luckily I manage to stop in time. The truck then attempt to reverse. I hammer the horn and it stops. I pull out and see that a car has stopped (or stalled?) in front of the truck. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m just relieved to be able to make to work with both myself and the car in one piece.

My Work Tolerance Factor is currently standing at slightly over 4 hours: this is the amount of time I can currently tolerate being at work. It’s to be expected after the lengthy Christmas sojourn. I’m still getting things done, and it’s still better than sitting at home and sticking knitting needles in my eye, but back half of the day is significantly more strugglesome than the early half. I’m sure this will change (eventually the entire day will become strugglesome).

For the evening we settle down for Sherlock once again. This time: The Hounds of Baskerville, which has always been a slightly unsatisfying instalment. As we watch it I try and figure out why: it’s a perfectly good episode-had it been a one-off drama it probably would have been considered excellent. Then it strikes me: it’s the structure. Watching Sherlock back-to-back you realise how much glee the writers take in messing with the structure, in making Sherlock as twisty-turny as they can. The Hounds of Baskerville, in comparison, is relatively linear.

I’m plagued by a headache for the latter part of hte day. I go to bed hoping it will have disappeared by the morning.