I start the day with a glorious lie-in. Saturday is designated lie-in day, but on this occasion a the Kinderbeast gets Rach up to prepare his breakfast and she even brings me tea. It’s a fine start to the day. We briefly consider joining the Women’s March in Perth–I’m very keen to activate the Elderbeasts’s activism, and this is a fine chance–unfortunately, as Rach puts it, we are unable to human today.

A idea at the back of my mind to reformat my PC, to hopefully deal with its various quirks, develops into an actual commitment. I start backing up things and making lists of what will need to be restored. The preparation takes most of the day, especially as my first attempt to create a USB Windows installer (after about an hour of downloading Windows) fails.

In the afternoon we are introduced to Risk by a friend whose son is in the Elderbeast’s class at school. The Kinderbesten tire quickly, but we enjoy it. The Elderbeast’s friend ends up staying over for a sleepover, which is a novel experience for all. At one point the Elderbeast complains that he and his friend can’t get to sleep, and I remark internally that he doesn’t even do sleepovers like a regular child. Which pleases me. I have no idea how much sleep they actually get in the end: I can hear them prowling around the house even after I’ve turned my light off.

We confine the kids to the secondary TV room to watch Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey. We entertain ourselves by finally starting Luke Cage, which is glorious, retro-fuelled, slow-burning and every bit as good as I hoped it would be. Two episodes down and I’m looking forward to more.

The news of the Women’s Marches filtering through on twitter fills me with hope. The inauguration of Trump will eventually become a moment of deep shame for the US, but the unexpectedly massive turnout for the marches shows that the majority have bigger ideas that Trump and his minions are trying to enforce upon people.

Also, a nazi got punched. It can never be a bad day when you’ve seen a nazi get punched.