I have a Big Meeting to start the day with. This is how it works:

  • The Big Meeting is supposed to start at 10am;
  • We have a presentation slot at 10:30am;
  • We get to the venue at 9:30am to make sure we’re all prepared;
  • We wait outside and witness meeting attendees still turning up at 10:15;
  • We eventually get called in about 10:45. Presentation goes excellently, so all is well;
  • Finally, at 11:40 we make our way back to the office. Plus, I finally get to have my morning coffee (!)

And that’s where the morning went – entirely sucked away by a 20 minute presentation. Amazing.

I realise at some point that the dream I had over the weekend (the forest library) is potentially the missing piece in the story I’m rewriting. This excites me enormously. There’s a particular joy that comes from the pieces of story finally sliding together.

Rach is still plagued by a migraine, so it’s the solo evening show once again. Once I’ve wrapped up my duties I decide to have a little review of which stories I’ve got that might be submittable, and which new ones might be ready in the near future. I’m excited to note that Nightmare Magazine is opening for submissions soon; I might have one or two stories ready for that. I also find an anthology that’s looking for Supernatural Horror stories. I send them a story I self published for Halloween last year. Even if it’s not for them, it’s my first submission of the year and it feels damn good.