I added the forest library dream I had the other night to my short story. It definitely feels right. Now I will forever wonder if the dream was some form of subconscious editor at work, or if it was simply a fortuitous case of random inspiration. Either way, I’m not knocking it.

It’s Wednesday, which for the next ten weeks means Rach and the Elderbeast disappearing for the early evening for their ice skating lessons. You might imagine this translates to a few hours of post-work peace and quiet for me. You might imagine that, but you’d be wrong. In between wrangling the Kinderbeast and trying to coordinate a dinner that needs to be edible somewhere between 7 and 7:30pm there’s little respite to be had.

It doesn’t matter though. The family have enjoyed their return to skating lessons. Nobody has starved to death, and we end the evening with a bit more Luke Cage. At the pace we’re going with this show it’s almost like being back on terrestrial TV. Binge-watching is no longer something our packed evening schedule allows.