The sky is still grumbling when I get up. I’m told there was some particularly violent thunder at around 4am, which failed to wake me up. I enjoy a good storm, but last night’s was pretty intense. I get to work and find out there’s been at least once instance of a house losing its roof. I feel less ridiculous for worrying about ours. And also a little bit more nervous …

We say goodbye to one of our colleagues today, who’s heading off to an entirely different country. Parting, as they say, is such sweet sorrow. I’ll miss him, but I’m incredibly excited about the adventure he has ahead of him.

Emotions are clearly high today. I go to another meeting later on, during which another colleague leaves in floods of tears. I feel slightly bad for not having mentioned anything, having noticed what were clearly a few signs of stress earlier on.

For dinner we enjoy Rach’s famous lasagne, which comes with a twist tonight. As Rach is now vegetarian, she tries making it with Quorn. The results are impressive – possibly even better than a meat lasagne. Possibly.