It’s Fucken Monday, but as far as Fucken Monday goes it was a pretty good one.

I managed to get up for the second morning in a row for my morning shift. Still working on the exact same scene I was working on yesterday, but it’s getting there. The kinderbesten managed to not make me regret the day of my own birth during the preparations for leaving the house. The Elderbeast even joined us to help out with the Kinderbeast’s pre-class name-writing practice. And the debacle of the bottle shop being closed at 7pm last night was more or less atoned for by presenting me with a decent deal on the sought-after champagne (one bottle for $12; two bottles for $14: no brainer!)

The morning tea proved worth the preparation time, even though two of the team were off sick and will deservedly regret their absence for many, many days, if not years, to come. We did at least save them some cakes, because we’re not complete savages. Also there were way too many cakes for us to eat anyway.

There may even be too many cakes, full stop. But I’m sure that’s not a thing …