I finally get back on the morning shift today, after about two weeks’ of cabbage brain. I’ve got abut three stories on the go, but I return to the the spooky carousel one. The break from writing has given me a chance to figure out how to correct some of the structural issues with the last draft. It feels good to get back to writing, and it feels good to be working on this story again – which I take as a sign that I’m doing something right with it.

As my reward for wrangling the Kinderbesten solo yesterday, Rach takes them out for a few hours to give me some peace and solitude. I end up using the time mostly for housework and cooking, with a bit of reading in the middle. It’s blissful and all that, but I’m still glad when they come back. The house never feels right without everyone one in it.

As planned, I start Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Even after just one instalment I can tell that it’s a very different tale than the many film adaptations have suggested.