It’s Friday at last! Rarely has there been a week where I’ve so looked forward to the weekend. Not because it’s been a particularly hard week (it hasn’t), but my week just doesn’t feel right if it’s not ended with me lounging on the sofa, enjoying the company of Seb, watching crap on YouTube and drinking wine, or the nearest appropriate substitute. Last week did not end that way.

I start the weekend as I mean to go on: with minimal effort and surrender plans of cooking dinner in favour of getting pizza. It’s a good choice.

That said, I do put some time into creating a YouTube playlist of trailers for all of the films on my 46 films list. It takes nearly two hours to watch the whole thing, but it’s fascinating to see the how the art of trailer making has changed over the decades: from trailers that would tell us about the filmmakers as much as the films; to the standard 80s/90s style that would narrate the whole story; to the current trend of stringing together key moments from the movie so tightly that [some] trailers have become tiny works of art in their own right.