One of those days where even things falling over at work don’t really put too much shade on it all. The kinderbesten were good getting ready for school. The Elderbeast had done all his work by the time I got home, which meant I had to make good on my promise to play some Rogue Legacy with him. In the end, after sorting out dinner and everything else, I have about have about 15 minutes free before the bedtime routine has to start. We take turns and I am predictably rubbish, but the game is pretty good fun. Reminds me in some ways of the old ZX Spectrum games that I used to play when I was his age.


After the kinderbesten have finally been locked in the dungeon–I mean, have settled in bed, I remember that I wanted to check out some eighties synth soundtracks for the Elderbeast. He’s been listening to the Undertale soundtrack repeatedly, and it reminds me massively of the sort of music you’d get on cheap eighties horror/sci-fi movies.

I started out with some John Carpenter, and get hugely excited when I discover the soundtrack to The Fog is on Spotify. I cue it up and … nothing happens. I should be getting terrifying flashbacks to Adrienne Barbeau being stalked by fish-hooks and maggots, but there’s just silence.

Then I remember that the Kinderbeast had trouble settling, so I left my phone in his room so he could listen to some soothing bedtime lullabies on, you guessed it, Spotify. Except now the soundtrack to The Fog is playing in his room because the internet is just too damn clever some times …